When it comes to LED signage for your business, you want yours to give the best punch. LED signs offer an array of innovative concepts and strategies for communicating, especially compared to traditional static signage.

Seeing as how this technology is a relatively new evolution in the world of marketing, you may not have a clear understanding of all the things that LEDs are capable of, and exactly what to look for to make sure you’re getting the most out of the LED screen you have.

Here are five ideas to remember if you’re thinking about changing to LED signage.

5. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience’s needs is key to the effectiveness of any form of advertising. It is important to target the audience that your company requires the most, while not alienating your core customers.

Typically, LED signs are effective on major highways and roads. However, you’ll want to take into consideration traffic stopping points and speed limits to determine the best way to structure the LED signage. It is also beneficial to perform “drive-by” tests to learn the effectiveness of your sign’s visuals and timing. In this way, you’ll get an understanding of what your audience is seeing, and you can improve your displays by analyzing the results.

4. Make sure you know your message

The goal of all business signage of any type is to provoke your customers into taking action. Whether you are looking to get more people in the door, or providing your existing customers with information about any upcoming promotions and specials they may be interested in, LED signage could assist in delivering the message better than traditional signage.

First, you must identify a single primary message. What is your number one element or the most important thing about your business? Make sure you come up with an easy but powerful message that effectively communicates this information. Make sure that your sign displays the message at least every hour. This way, you’ll be able to effectively communicate with your target audience and keep the right people entering your doors.

However, remember not to overload your graphics with superfluous details, as it could result in the opposite.

3. You must ensure that you design your signage well

It may sound simple, but a lot of people may have trouble determining how best to make an LED sign particularly if they’re not familiar with the basic principles of graphic design. As you can probably imagine, a striking design is essential to an effective display. The perfect design will stand out from the other displays, and draw more people to come to your establishment.

When your designer creates a stunning design, you’ll want to make sure to verify your design on the actual display itself. Every time an LED sign changes the person who dictates should inspect it. The way that customers see it will provide an important perspective, and help you create the right experience each time.

2. Make the most of your LED Sign’s Full-Motion Capability

The best method to ensure that your display is drawing attention is to use motion. This is particularly important when your display it in a crowded visual space. Luckily, LED neon signs are particularly adept at displaying full-motion images.

All LED neon signs can be capable of simple animations and transition effects. Some can show high-definition video clips. These things will help you draw the attention of your customers. When these videos grab the attention of your customers then immediately send them a message.

1. Keep your Sign’s Message Up-to-Date

LED signage’s true appeal is its ability to change your message to reflect new offers or incentives. This is one of the reasons that makes LED signage more affordable in the long run. They are far more cost-effective than traditional signage, which cost the same amount each time they require upgrading, either through the cost of hiring someone to physically change it or buying new signage completely. LED signs eliminate this problem.

With that in mind, ensure you are updating your LED signage with fresh messages each time you launch the latest product. While LED displays are eye-catching but they may become outdated quickly if they are not frequently updated. Nobody wants to see a deal that has expired displayed on their signage because it could make your company seem disorganized, out-of-touch, or lazy.

Always make sure the software for your LED sign can be downloaded on the go to make any last-minute adjustments, and if your software allows it, then set a time and date for each promotion. then simply load these promotions ahead of time.

Bartush is the best option for you if are looking to make the switch to LED neon signs. Our team has been developing unique and exciting commercial displays for more than 50 years. Bartush is the top company in the industry and we encourage you to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns, or to inquire about adding LED signage to your company now!

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