If you’re shopping for the perfect new sign for your business do not be shocked to find prices that range between thousands of dollars for a simple outdoor sign to tens of thousands for a massive sign that is hung high above the ground.

We want to make sure you choose an appropriate sign that is within your budget and produces amazing results for promoting your company. So, let’s explore the reasons for the wide variation in the cost of building signs.

Four factors that influence the building Cost of Signage

Find out more about four factors that can impact the cost of your business sign and the different options for signs and the reason National Signs is the best choice for providing lasting, appealing signs.

1. Type of sign

All signs that advertise businesses serve a specific purpose. They can show your company’s brand name, and logo and provide useful information to potential customers, or assist them in navigating your premises. They are among the most sought-after types of business signs:

Every type of sign is created to satisfy the requirements of your business therefore their use will impact the price you can expect to pay.

A storefront sign For instance, a storefront sign is generally constructed from durable aluminum, acrylic panels, and internal lights. But, post and panel wayfinding signs however are typically constructed of the metal of posts or painted panels.

2. Sign Complexity

The complexity of your outdoor signage will impact the price of the signs. A metal signboard punched with your logo and company name at the entrance of your building is considerably less costly than a complex LED screen that is mounted on top of a high roadside pylon sign.

If you require lighted signs for your storefront, large-scale letters, and symbols or to display your artwork the cost will increase. LED neon signs can be designed and made to show a company slogan or motto in a fashionable style to attract positive social media interactions.

Sign design choices that are intricate or unique can help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors. Your business sign may even be a symbol that people seek out and celebrate.

Your school or business could create an artistic display of your brand’s logo or name or make use of shadows or light to make an intriguing presentation. We can help you achieve the most bang for your buck making an impression!

3. Size of Sign

The costs for your business’s sign may vary depending on the size you want it to be.

A typical storefront sign for your business with channel letters could range between one and two feet per letter based on the landowner or zoning restrictions on the property. However, a huge pylon outdoor sign with a width of several feet could be 20-30 feet above the ground for maximum visibility in areas with high traffic.

Signs that are taller and more prominent will require more materials. This includes the material used for the sign supports concrete bases, concrete bases, lighting components, and electrical components. If your sign features a distinctive, large-scale texture or finishes for greater visual appeal, this may add cost.

For large business signs, the installation of a professional is necessary to ensure that the structure as well as the posts supporting it can support the sign’s weight. Simply put, the more expansive the sign, the higher you can expect to pay for your business sign.

4. Technology and Lights

Consider using the most recent electronic signs to make sure your business’s sign is seen by the most possible audience. This can be achieved by using LED displays as well as light features. Your business’s sign will be visible from further away even in the worst conditions.

The use of LED displays for your signage lets you provide a constant rotation of information, such as:

  • Updates and news
  • Sales or promotions currently in force
  • Upcoming events
  • Important messages
  • Helpful information (time and temperature)

LED screens can be utilized to produce stunning, vivid pictures and colors at any hour of the day. You can also instantly update your messages using their assistance. It is costly to convert metal-based signs or acrylic ones into LED neon signs. This investment will help you to make your business stand out in new and exciting ways.

National Signs offers attractive prices for bold signs.

If you are in need of local signage think about National Signs and our wide range of stunning long-lasting, durable and long-lasting outdoor and indoor signs.

In contrast to other LED neon signs companies we provide a complete solution for the entire creation process, which helps reduce the cost of your investment

  • Award-winning sign design options.
  • High-quality craftsmanship and signage that is produced in America.
  • Professional sign installation services that are secure and reliable to ensure signs work as intended.

Sign design and design services are provided by our LED neon signs team. We’ll collaborate with you to create signs that meet your requirements and remain within your budget.

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