Welcome to The Neonist blog. If you are reading the above post, it is likely that you are a neon lover, just like us. Electric colors and vibes are the iconic ambiances that have been back since the ’80s.

Oh! We could make the entire globe glow with neons. You can make the world more cool, kinder, and more fun with all that groove. We don’t despair, we’re moving forward with our mission to spread neon joy in the world one step at a while.

We’d like to tell you more about the LED neon signs, or “cool neon signals”, and explain why they are so great.

What are LEDs?

LED, or light-emitting dime, is a relatively novel lighting technology. It has many advantages over traditional sources of light, such as lower energy usage, longer lifespan, increased physical robustness, and smaller size. Also, it can be switched faster. LED neon signs are much more common than traditional glass neon, which is why they have become so popular.

What is Neon,

Neon, a new gas, is one example. It has been used since the 1980s to refill the tubes of original glass signs.

Neon gas gives off a striking bright reddish/orange glow. Tube lights made with other colors can be called “neon”, although they may use the same neon gases or fluorescent lighting colors.

The original neon signs are made from glass tubes cut to a certain shape, filled with gas, then mounted on a board.

What do The Neonist neon signs look like?

PVC is a flexible, strong material that makes the Neonist signs. The LED light makes it easier to see the signs’ electrical and color parts. This is a safer alternative to traditional neon tubes filled with gas.

Glass Neon Signs Compare to

Energy consumption – LED lights require significantly less energy to operate than glass neons. However, they can last up to 50,000 hours. This means that LEDs can last up to six times as long if used for 24-hour periods.

The LED light can also last longer if the sign brightness has been dimmed. Also, LED lights are quick to turn on while neons take their time. Glass neons take up significantly more power and can cause significant increases in your electricity consumption.

Safety LED signs are safer than traditional neon signs! Traditional neon signs are made out of glass and can become dangerous if they break or chip. Gas or mercury is used to fill traditional neons. If the neon breaks, gas leakage can be a problem.

The LED neon signs will not heat up and are therefore suitable for your home. The neon LED neon signs can be mounted on a wall, or placed in your child’s bedroom. The acrylic board is lighter than glass and is used for mounting the neon sign.

The flexibility of Use Once fixed to a Wall, a Glass Sign cannot be moved to another place. LED neon lights allow you to choose the location and enjoyment of your signs.

This LED neon sign can easily be displayed outdoors.

The LED neon signs can be controlled by a remote or dimmer. The glass neon signs cannot either be dimmed or made to flicker.

Creativity With LED neon signs, almost any design is possible.

Noise: Glass signs buzz and hum more than LED signs.

Lifespan: A glass neon has a lifespan of about two years. They will become duller and slower to switch on after one to two years. LED signs last as long as six decades!

As neon geeks, we are so grateful to live in a time of rapidly changing technology.

We invite everyone to join us as we explore the possibilities of neon signs. Do you have an art or quote you want to show off?

Make your custom neon signs with Us. Feel inspired, let your imagination flow, and make your visions come to life.

By Susan

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