Since before the pandemic, we have been advocating more Custom Neon signs. Talking to other artists has enabled us to compile a “best list” for anyone looking to learn how to bend glass. This exciting new frontier of learning can have a huge impact on market trends and offer creatives new income possibilities. The trade of creating neon signs can indeed be complicated. Here are our top choices for learning awesomeness and the basics of making Custom Neon signs.

enroll in a course

Let’s start by explaining why you might be curious about taking a course. It is essentially about combining different techniques and skills in Custom Neon signs. This can take both times as well as energy. It’s a good idea for beginners to learn from someone who can assist them. We love how a course can make a difference in someone’s life.

View a Book

Learning how to make neon signs is not something you should overlook. You, your team, as well as buyers, can benefit from a welcoming arch of events. Understanding how to add electrodes noble gases, annealing tubing, and other techniques is vital to ensure neon glass produces light. Discover these books about neon sign manufacturing. Have fun!

  • the Neon Engineers Notebook: a practical manual for optimizing your work environment. This book gives you ideas and ways to improve the efficiency of your machine as well as your work. There are chapters on glasswork that show you how to improve your bending skills.
  • Neon Techniques was formerly Neon Techniques Handling. this book taught thousands about the art and science of making neon signs. Neon Technologies was revised by an expert in the field of neon. The book contains everything you need for designing, fabricating, troubleshooting, and fixing neon signs and graphics.
  • Neon Superguide Complete How To Manuel: the new book is the successor of the Neon Principles Workbook reference and Neon Principles Workbook. This 216-page book combines the guides previously published with improved-updated illustrations, text, helpful photos, and three additional chapters.

Apply to Intern

Internships can offer you hands-on experience and help you explore a career as a neon sign specialist. Many shops may not have the experience or the ability to hire new staff. Neon sign companies often need people who have worked in the field. Internships offer opportunities to build relationships with people. Build relationships at every after-hours party. If you enjoy your job, it can be a validation tool and help you understand the specific skills that you need.

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1. Document

Google searches for neon signs increased by almost 300% as people look for inspiration. How it works: A neon sign is used to start a treatment plan. These outlines are popular among city offices, funding agencies, and historical societies. You can simply take a photo to show the sign’s elevation level, as well as the current status of your building. Do you still have questions? Don’t be discouraged. They’ll be able to determine the maximum amount they will ever save the sign.

2. Host your Own Challenge

Start your own “save our neon sign” challenge and organize it. Group boards, private Facebook pages, and group boards are great ways for you to draw support from people who share your sign-saving passions. If you have trouble finding a sign-saving community, why not start one yourself? You can post pictures of signs at high risk or create a crowdfunding campaign, like Kickstarter, to raise funds for the neon sign you want.

3. Discover new Sign-Saving ideas

There are many creative ways that signs can be saved using the internet. Assistance with the restoration of neon signs may be provided by small-scale business agencies or local city planning. You can get directions from the National Park Service (Secretary of Interior) Standards (Standards). The 1991 Preservation Brief No. 25 provides details about historic signs and best practices and information on regulations that may apply.

If all of that seems overwhelming, it is worth learning resource savvy by contacting a sign conservator. These are just some of the suggestions that may be available to you for more information, research assistance, and general advice.

  • American Sign Museum Cincinnati (OH).
  • Glendale, CA Museum of Neon Art
  • Ignite Sign Art Museum, Tucson, AZ

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