LED Neon signs are durable and have a guaranteed lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours. This sign is one of the most popular on the market. Customers often worry about whether the custom LED neon sign will last or if it will survive in their environment. Custom neon signs should not be broken before they reach their destination. We have provided some suggestions below to help you evaluate the durability of Neon sign India.

1. Sécure

  • Neonza LED Neon signs are also safe to operate. LED Neon signage won’t shatter like traditional neon signage.
  • Also, the warm surface of the polymer tube won’t touch your skin and cause you to be electrocuted. Additionally, all our signs are compliant with international regulations.
  • Neonza created an innovative polymer tube made from polymer that can bend and be bent to prevent the LED Neon signs from snapping.
  • Furthermore, our LED Neon surface is extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, so the light can shine through it without interruption, creating a uniform glow.
  • This flexibility also allows us to design any design we can think of. Our workshop staff will mold the LED neon into your desired shape and attach it to your backing board with professionalism.
  • It takes more time to alter the shape and cost of the glass tubing than it does with traditional glass Neon. This is because the glass tubing needs to be heated before modifications are possible.
  • The traditional glass Neon however is not as long-lasting as our Innovative Neon Flex. Because the glass is very fragile and could break if not treated properly,
  • The Neonza workshop can waterproof LED Neon signs. They can also be made to meet higher standards by the Neonza team. LED Neon signs will need to be waterproofed as rain can have a negative impact on the LEDs.
  • The location and circumstances of the neon sign will determine if waterproofing is possible.
  • We waterproof your sign by sealing any openings in LED Neon. This will ensure that no water enters the polymer tube.
  • Neonza studio ensures that your LED Neon Sign will stay lit regardless of weather conditions.

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