Faux neon signs are a great way for your company to get noticed and stand out.

Sign-making is a fun and exciting process that allows you to express yourself creatively.

5 Reasons to Get Your Logo Transformed into A Faux Neon Sign


The best reason to get a neon logo is to help you grow brand awareness. Combining strong branding with a great logo has many benefits. It can help you reach new audiences, be different from others and reflect your brand’s values and goals. People remember great logos. They will remember yours better if they are illuminated.


Our faux neon signs have one advantage: they are lightweight. It makes them very easy to transport. Faux neon signs are great for businesses that travel often, such as those selling products at markets or trying to promote them. Your business will stand out and you can transport your sign easily from one place to the next.

Thousands of Design Options

Our faux neon signs come in many design options. offers more flexibility in design, which is why LED is often preferred to traditional neon. While traditional neon may have a retro look, there are very few designs. They are made of glass tubes that must be bent and are therefore limited in design. Fake neon signs can be made from LED flex. It is available in many colors. LED flex is very easy to bend, so you can make any design you want for your sign.


LED neon signs are more popular than their neon counterparts because they last longer and are safer. Traditional neon is made from glass and inert chemicals, so they are more susceptible to breakage. LED neon signs are safer because they are resistant to shatter and resist heat, making them safer.


In a digital age, first impressions count. A faux neon sign is a great way to make your business stand out on Social Media. You can take photos of baked goods and other items in front of your LED sign, for example, if it is a bakery. This helps with digital brand recognition. It is more likely for people to share a business online when it looks good. A faux neon sign can help encourage people to share content about your company.

Chelsea came to us looking for a faux neon sign in her new Salon. We were able to create an image from her logo. We could start manufacturing once the design had been approved. Our CNC Machine was used to cut the sign, which was then assembled by our skilled team. The final LED neon signs are amazing and in line with Chelsea’s brand.

By Susan

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