You’ve chosen to enter a world that is colorful and bright.

It’s always a pleasure meeting you before we start. We are THENEONIST an international manufacturer of LED signs. Since 2006, we have worked to make the world a brighter place. Our activities focus on the markets of the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, known as the “Land of the Neons.”

In 2018, we opened our third studio in Tampa Florida. We wanted to offer the US consumer our knowledge and the raw material we use all over the world.

However, there has been a lot of confusion about what LED neon sign is. We took the time to research LED neon signs, so we did what we do best: we dived into why they’re better than any other switch that you could flip to transform your business in 2022.

What is LED NEON, exactly?


LED a brand-new lighting technology has many advantages over other traditional lighting technologies. LEDs are less energy-intensive, last longer, have a longer lifespan, are easier to use, and are more comfortable to touch. LED signs have been gaining immense popularity due to these reasons. They’re fast becoming more popular that the old glass neon lights.

NEON can be described as a red-orange, inert gas which fills glass pipes. When it’s combined with high-voltage electric power, it shines. This technology has made it possible for messages and letters of various shapes to shine brightly ever since the 1980s.

You can create a neon sign that looks nostalgic by using a hollow-colored PVC pipe instead of glass. This product is called LED NEON SIGN.

The Neighbor’s LED-NEON Is Not Always Greener


As with all things, neon LED signs come in a range of different qualities.

Practically speaking you will often find the same neon design LED sold by different companies. The price difference between them can vary by hundreds of thousands to even thousands of dollars. Before you claim you got a better price elsewhere, here are some key differences.

1. LIFESPAN LED Lightbulbs – LED lightbulbs are designed to last 1,000 hours while LED lightbulbs are capable of lasting 60,000 hours.
We work with neon that is industrial-grade at THE NEONIST. Signs have a minimum lifetime of 50,000 hours. We do not use low-quality materials.

2. BACKING- Professional neon signs are made with acrylic backing. Less expensive signs will be made with backing made of polycarbonate or clear plastic.

3. QUALITY OF WORK – Neon signs are handcrafted, which is why they are so unique. It is not easy to create personalized products that match one another exactly, as it is with all handmade products. Connections that aren’t done correctly can cause problems such as glue buildup, crooked letters, and electrical issues which could affect the sign’s longevity…

4. WORK METHOD — There are currently only two acceptable methods of producing neon LED signs manually.
The first is Gluing. The LED pipes are simply connected to an acrylic backing and glued with glue. This is the cheapest, but it’s not recommended as it could result in the design being distorted or full of glue remnants.
Second: Cut (What We Use) – Acrylic is cut by a CNC machine. The LED is then inserted directly into the acrylic backing. This will allow for easier work, better lighting, and overall precision.

5. STANDARDIZATION, SAFETY- First of all! Nothing is more crucial than having safety permits and stamps issued by standards associations on all electrical appliances you bring into your house or workplace. Both the LED (and the transformer) must meet US standards. THE NEONIST meets stringent RoSH CE safety standards.

6. WARRANTY – It’s not a good idea to spend thousands of money on a product with no warranty. However, this is what signage professionals face all the time. Every product has an expected lifespan. LED light bulbs of low quality can cease to work after just a few months. Neonist offers a complete warranty for all electrical parts for 24 months.

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